Sources of Skin Damage

With the right products and the right knowledge, you can prevent skin damage. A lot of people already know the significance of utilizing gentle cleansers, keeping skin hydrated, and the significance of SPF when it comes to the health of your skin.

However, there are several lesser-known facts about other day-to-day stressors that greatly contribute to quicker skin damage.

Aside from using the best all natural skin care products, it’s also ideal that you know the sources of skin damage for you to avoid them. Today, we are going to share it with you.


Particular forms of makeup can irritate the skin. This can lead to dry out skin or breakouts. Every person is not the same. Thus, a couple of makeup that’s tolerated properly by some can be a huge agitator for others. It could go a long way for you if you keep your skin protected with a healthy, lightweight, and non-pore-clogging barrier between your skin and your makeup. To make things simple, a couple of types of makeup products can be extremely agitating on the skin.

Internal Stress

A lot of people lead lives with high levels of stress more frequently than we would want. Though it is always suggested to find ways to handle stress, this can be easier said than done. It is greatly studied and widely researched that stress results in higher levels of cortisol and that can result in a huge variety of problems in our bodies and for our skin. As it relates to skin, it can result in wrinkles, lines, discoloration, breakouts, and other indications of accelerated skin damage. To make things simple, stress can influence your skin visibly.

Excessive Blue Light or Phone Time

There has been a significant increase in how much time people spend in front of blue light over the past years. The reason for this is that people are now always using their smartphones. According to studies, this can result in oxidative stress on your skin. Eventually, oxidative stress can result in accelerated skin aging. To make things simple, it isn’t clear how much phone time results in how much damage.


This comes down to the air’s particulate matter. This can include mineral dust, sulfates, garbage, and much more. According to studies, pollution is one of the leading causes of premature aging, next to UV rays. For those who don’t know, pollutants are extremely tiny. They can easily enter your skin and will result in the inflammation, breakouts, formation of dark spots, and breakdown of collagen. Pollution can result in damage that appears uncannily such as sun damage.

To make things worse, various pollutants affect our skin in various ways. For example, ozone pollution can result in antioxidant depletion in your skin’s outer layer. On the other hand, particulate matter can lead to free radical damage.

To make things simple, pollution can and will damage your skin. You should always keep in mind that SPF does not keep pollutants out of the skin. Thus, pollution goes unregulated in damaging our precious and lovely skin.

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