Types of Podcasts

Listening to various forms of podcasts can be a way to engage in a type of storytelling that enables you to simply sit back and listen. It can be an excellent break from staring at the pages of a book or at a screen. It can also be a way for the podcast host to let your mind wander off to another place.

Whether you are looking for educational podcasts or the best spiritual podcasts to listen to, here are a couple of the various types of podcasts:

Repurposed Content

Another common way to go about listening to a podcast is the repurposed content. The content available in this type of podcast includes previous interviews, workshops, seminars, and much more. This type of podcast can actually serve to improve the experience of the listener.

The Moth is a well-known example of this type of podcast that utilizes repurposed content.

Panel Discussion/Interviews

Another well-known style of the podcast is having a guest or another host. Usually, this type of podcast will include one guest interviewee or several guests across the course of the show.

This type of podcast offers the audience with various perspectives and is typically a common format with political podcasts.

One well-known podcast that utilizes this type of format is the Political Gabfest.


This type of podcast has a tendency to have more than 1 host. However, sometimes, it has other guest speakers or hosts who contribute to the show. Typically, this podcast begins with a monologue or commentary from the host. After that, the show will move into a contribution from another source, interview, or panel discussion.

Nonfiction Narrative Storytelling

Nonfiction narrative storytelling is perhaps one of the most well-known types of podcast. However, if you want to create a podcast, this type is hard to create. This type of podcast is usually dominated by journalists who are excellent at obtaining insightful and in-depth details from their topics. These podcasts will share the actual stories of other people via the use of audio clips from the interviewee. They will also utilize a layer on their own opinion of the stories at hand.

What Style is Ideal for You?

You can begin making a more informed decision on what form of podcast format and style will fit your needs. This is especially true now that you know a couple of the formats of podcasts that are available. Do you want to be entertained? Do you want to be delighted? Do you want to learn new things? The formal will greatly depend on your answer. The type of podcast you’ll listen to will change and the type of voice you want to hear will also change.

Listening to a lot of podcasts as possible is the ideal way to choose. This is because listening to a lot of them will help you get a feel for that type of podcast, the style, and the vocal qualities of the host. This will further improve your experience while listening to your favorite podcasts.